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Why Choose the Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center?


You’ve tried everything… going cold turkey, hypnosis, nicotine replacement… and nothing seems to work. You’re afraid of needles and you can’t swallow pills. You are a slave to your cigarettes and you want to take charge of your health. Perhaps your doctor won’t do surgery until you’ve quit smoking or more importantly, you’ve just had a medical crisis and need to remain smoke-free. Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center offers a safe, quick and effective treatment that has an 85% success rate no matter what your reasons are for quitting.

The Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center’s procedure is unique. We do not use needles, pills, nicotine, or herbs to make you smoke free. We modified the technique being taught at auriculotherapy schools, producing a much higher success rate. The modified procedure is guarded, similar to the Coca-Cola® formula. Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center and its affiliates are the only centers in the world using this particular auriculotherapy technique, which is why we have patients who span the globe.

When you stop smoking, you have the potential to feel better, stop coughing, be more energetic, breathe easier, and have more money. Why not choose Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center?