How long does the procedure take?
Allow a maximum of 20 minutes from the time you arrive. The actual treatment time will be approximately 10 minutes
Is it like acupuncture?
No, we use a non-invasive procedure. There is no penetration of the skin. Acupuncture is an invasive procedure. Auriculotherapy is a more contemporary procedure than acupuncture.
Will it hurt?
No, it feels like a pinch or a heat sensation.
How long have you been in business?
We have been treating patients since 1991 and have treated over 90,000 people.
What is your success rate?
We have an 85% success rate with one treatment. If you feel the urge to smoke after you have been treated, you may return, as often as needed, to our St. Louis office at no charge providing you don’t smoke or use any nicotine products.
Do you have a weight reduction program?
Yes. For more information, go to our Weight Control page.
Are there any side effects?
No. There are no adverse side effects.
Will I be able to drive home afterwards?
Do I need to do anything else besides not have nicotine products two hours before the treatment?
No. You are welcome to bring your nicotine products, lighters, and ashtrays with you and leave them with us, or you may discard them before you come.
What is auriculotherapy?
Auriculotherapy is a nerve stimulation on the exterior of the ears.
Can you treat someone who is pregnant?
Can you treat someone who has had a heart attack, stroke, pacemaker or defibrillator?
Yes, yes, yes, and yes if the pacemaker is shielded. If it is 10 years or older, you should consult your physician or pacemaker manufacturer.
Can you treat someone who has hearing loss or hearing aids?
Yes. You will remove them during the treatment.
Do I need to supplement this with any other treatment?
No. In fact, you should not use any other form of nicotine with this procedure. Do not change any of the medications your physician has currently prescribed for you.
Do you treat other addictions?
We treat nicotine addiction of any kind as well as weight reduction on site.
Do you treat chewers?
Yes. We treat any type of nicotine addiction – chewing, snuff, vape, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, etc.
Do you treat minors?
A youth 17 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or have written permission from his guardian. The youth must be motivated to quit on his own and not by the insistence of the parent.
Will I gain weight?
Not all patients gain weight simply because they stop smoking. If this is a concern, the therapist will weigh you at the initial visit and discuss your future options. Should you gain five pounds within a month of treatment, call the office immediately.
Do you have any other locations?
Our only office is located in Chesterfield, MO. We occasionally treat in other locations such as Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City.  Call us for information.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. Gift certificates are a great idea for special occasions such as birthdays, get well gifts, pregnancy announcements, etc.
Do you confirm the appointment?
Yes, we will contact you.
What form of payment is accepted?
Payment may be made by cash, debit, MasterCard or Visa.
Does insurance cover the treatment?
Check with your insurance company or employee health plan. If requested, we will provide you a receipt with the necessary information after you’ve been treated. Full payment is required at the time of service.