On-Site Treatment

auriculotherapyWe will provide the Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Program at your place of business or your professional office. Our facility requirements are minimal and can readily be implemented at most locations utilizing the existing accommodations. Private consultation areas are helpful to maintain confidentiality while treating. In most cases, we require a minimum amount of participants to schedule the on site visit. Our on-site treatment program affords companies and medical facilities personalized service at their own location.

The potential benefits of a nicotine-free workplace are readily recognized as employers can increase productivity, reduce sick time, and lower their insurance costs.

Here’s what you can do to get started…

  • Announce and establish interest in the program. Leslie-Cam® can facilitate the dissemination of information by supplying sample verbiage. Employee bulletin boards, email, and announcement enclosures in paychecks serve as vehicles for notification.
  • Determine the level of employee interest to permit us to properly quote our fee. Our experience is that one-third of your working population uses nicotine.
  • Consider the company’s financial contribution to the employees’ treatment. Some companies elect to reimburse their employees if the employee remains nicotine-free for a pre-established amount of time.

For more information about this program, contact our Director at (314) 878-STOP (7867).

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